Basic Business Utilities 101
  Do you know why the energy industry has changed significantly during recent years?
Unified Utilities 101.

What is Unified Utilities?

Unified Utilities® is a new way to purchase and manage basic business utilities. 

Basic business utilities include: energy (renewable and non-renewable source electricity), telecommunications (wired: voice and data services including toll free lines, internet, intranets, local access etc and wireless: voice and data services.)

Traditionally, businesses purchase many of these utilities separately from different suppliers.

Although many suppliers are involved, there’s little flexibility, making it difficult to customize services or introduce more environmentally responsible alternatives.

The best you could hope to do would be to maximize your volume discounts through larger purchases of a particular utility.

Because you’re dealing with a variety of different suppliers for a variety of different utilities used in a variety of different applications in your business, managing the process is unwieldy, time consuming and costly.

Unified Utilities is a new concept pioneered by uTilogy.

Similar to the Unified Communications concept established by companies such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems, Unified Utilities goal is to use technology to make the purchase and management of basic utilities more cost-effective and easier to manage.

How does Unified Utilities work?

It’s very simple:  you can now purchase all your basic business utilities through uTilogy.  Think of uTilogy as a ‘hub’ from which you can obtain customized utility strategies.

uTilogy, however is more than just an  easy, single point to basic business utilities. 

uTilogy gives you the ability to truly control your utilities costs by providing you with an ‘all-in-one’ overview of your utilities usage – as well as optimization strategies to maximize your efficiency and your savings! 

In fact, because we can aggregate volume discounts across utilities, you’re able to save a lot more than ever before while enjoying high quality Tier 1 service!

Not only that, but uTilogy is also able to help you introduce alternative energy and other environmentally responsible strategies in a sensible, manageable fashion.