It's really very simple. We're the Unified Utilities® experts.

Small Business pricing, Big business savings.

Your small business has many challenges.  Buying basic business utilities shouldn't be one of them. Wouldn't it be great if you could get all your electricity and your telecommunications set-up with just one call?   Wouldn't it be even better if you could have the BEST energy and telecommunications options - hand-picked and optimized to run at maximum efficiency?

The good news is - you can.

One call to uTilogy® and you can say 'goodbye waste', 'hello efficiency'!

It's really very simple. We're the Unified Utilities experts. An overview assessment of your situation allows the uTilogy team to provide you with across-the-board, best-in-class options that work seamlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

How do you know how efficiently?
uTilogy® can provide a variety of monitoring mechanisms as powerful tools to both monitor and optimize usage.

These are our main focus:

Small Business Energy:

uTilogy® has partnered with reputable players in the energy industry to bring you a variety of options.  We'll help you find the energy strategy that works best for you.

Whether your focus is 'green' energy or making better use of traditional energy, uTilogy® helps you create the efficiencies you're looking for.

You don't need to be a 'tree-hugger' to reduce your impact on the environment.  You also don't need to spend more money.  'Greening' is achieved by implementing practical, cost-effective energy strategies that don't require major corporate re-organization or huge budgets.

In fact, 'greening' makes a lot of corporate sense.  It's not just a good long term decision - it's also a great public relations exercise.

If you've been wanting to develop and implement a practical corporate green strategy, but it seemed too difficult, we have good news for you!  It can be easy and cost-effective.  We're experts at helping you streamline and optimize your existing energy usage, and / or, implement alternative energy strategies wherever they make sense for you.

Small Business Telecommunications:

Get big business advantages with wholesale pricing on Tier 1 services!
uTilogy makes the same level of reliable, quality services that large organizations enjoy, available to businesses of all sizes.

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