Ryan Rendleman
Co-Founder and
Chief Operating Officer
John Ackelbein
Co-Founder and
Chief Executive Officer
Message from the Founders

When uTilogy® was founded, Unified Utilities® was an idea sure to become a leading trend.  Now, Unified Utilities is not the way of the future... it's the way things need to be right now.

With recent developments in the Global economy, greater utility efficiency is no longer an aspiration - it's a necessity.  Never before, in recent history, has the need for a holistic, more responsible approach to basic business utilities been more urgent.

Every business owner and senior executive already knows that a huge amount of time, energy and money is wasted on 'managing' diverse and fragmented utility purchases.  But, because of the difficulty of getting a clear overview of the entire economic and eco impact of their utility usage, most businesses have remained vulnerable.   

Until now.  With the emergence of Unified Utilities, uTilogy has presented businesses, large and small, with what is, in essence, the equivalent of an easy way to 'herd cats'.

uTilogy's vision is to provide an easy, efficient and holistic approach to basic business utilities.

We want to give you access to the way of the future today:

  • buy all your basic business utilities through one source
  • enjoy a visually dynamic unified billing system featuring all your utility usage on a single invoice
  • monitor and manage your usage through our proprietary Unified Utilities management application
  • optimize your usage to both save money, and be more environmentally responsible

Sounds utopian? Well, yes. But not impossible. uTilogy's Unified Utilities is a solid fiscal and environmentally responsible concept whose time has come. It's here. It's now. It's available to you.

Basic business utilities made simple.  Really simple.
Not only can you now purchase all your energy and telecommunications requirements from one source - all coordinated and customized for your organization - but you'll experience the kind of customer service and ethics that haven't been seen in decades.  Real people, real service.  No offshore call centers designed to shuffle you through a process with no thought as to your individual requirements.

uTilogy is Unified Utilities made simple.  It's where utilities meet technology.

We look forward to making your life simpler soon.