Current Openings
uTilogy is a fast growing organization at the forefront of the unified utilities industry. We are constantly seeking forward thinking individuals to join our team. If you feel you can make a significant contribution, please forward us your resume together with a cover letter telling us about your vision

A career at uTilogy is more than a job.  It's an opportunity to dream, create, design and build.  uTilogy is very possibly the most dynamic place in the world.  An incubus of innovation.  A place where dreams take on substance. A place where you'll find some special people. 
After all, we can only achieve "Best in Class" status with a "Best in Class" team.   

And we can only build a 'Best in Class' team by focusing on all the things that are most important to our people. We believe that by looking after our most important resource - our team -  with the same diligence and care that we approach all of our business activities, uTilogy is empowered from within to rise to unprecedented heights in the marketplace.

uTilogy Team members are diverse - each one individually talented and encouraged to develop to their full potential.  But, they do have one important thing in common:  they're part of an organization whose goal is to make a difference.  

uTilogy takes pride in espousing strong corporate values.  We work hard to stay safe.  We work hard to impress our customers - every time.  We pay particular attention to setting a great example in all we do.

What does it mean to be part of the uTilogy team?  It's about being part of a respectful, supportive, focused group operating within an  environment designed to encourage you to propel your career to the next level. It's about taking full advantage of the fantastic opportunities we provide for your advancement and growth.
It's not often you can indulge your desire for an exciting, rewarding vocation with career stability and balance between work and lifestyle - but then again, uTilogy is not the usual corporate clone.
uTilogy is innovative. A dynamically developing organization on the leading edge of today's Unified Utilities movement. 

If you would like to be part of this exciting, ever-changing environment, contact us at